Saturday, September 12, 2009

Local Paper Reports Festival

The pictures posted earlier this morning are, to put it kindly, inadequate. I thought I'd share a bit from the "Tipton County Tribune."

Miss Tipton County Pork Festival Queen and Court.
Pork Boy and dignitaries in the official Pork Chop Bite-off.

Last evening's mainstage entertainers with the pretty girls.
(Our local paper is published six days a week, and I have heard it said that this is the smallest community in the state that has a daily newspaper.)


Coleen said...

Wow! Saline only publishes twice a week. Furthermore, the Ann Arbor News closed down two months ago. Now we have, a pale comparison. It publishes a very rather anemic paper edition twice a week.

vanilla said...

Hi, Coleen. It's a crime what is happening to the newspaper industry. Your grandchildren will have an entire metropolitan library on flashdrive. Book? What is "book"?
Can you imagine waxing nostalgic over the "musty" aroma of an old computer chip? Or fondling its plasto-metallic texture?

Lin said...

They publish EVERY day??! Wow. I'm impressed.