Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You say Na vaa da, I say Na vay dee.

We took a nice Sunday drive Tuesday afternoon since the medical equipment that provides treatment fot the spouse was incapacitated.  We chose to tool along Indiana 19 heading north, just the opposite of our normal routine.  Checking out the cornfields, the bean fields, noting the high number that have alread been harvested, and yet seeing some fields that were not yet ripe.

About two miles east of the highway sits the little unicorporated town of Nevada.  That is not what you are thinking unless you are a Hoosier.  "Na=vay'-dee" would be the correct pronunciation if your are in the area.

Nevada was first platted and settled in the mid-nineteenth century.  It boasted a U.S. Post Office until 1909.  Today the village consists of a church, a granary, and a dozen or so occupied houses.

I have lived in this area for more than a half-century and yet had never been in Nevada.  On this beautiful blue-sky afternoon we made the turn to the east.  The town is situated in Tipton County less than half-mile south of the Howard County line.  We have now been to Nevada.

I stood facing north to take this shot of the south face of the church.  Services are still held here regularly.
 Pivoting 120o to face the southwest we saw this.

 No street department to maintain the only street sign in town.  The others are country road signs.

 The M.E.s turned the facility over to God.  According to the cornerstone the building was erected in 1909 and became the home of Church of God in 1986.

 At the easternmost edge of town one can see nearly into the future.
 On the burg's east edge sits this building which bears all the hallmarks of a schoolhouse.  What it is used for today we have no idea.

The residential area north of the main drag.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Memory Lane on West Street

 Our local Dollar General store occupies a building a block from the square and off the main drag.  It is a typical 1950s "supermarket" type store, meaning really too small for the amount of merchandise the current occupant handles.  Interpretation: narrow aisles and crowded shopping conditions, for it's about all we have in Perfect, general store-wise.

So the freezer and cooler cases are lined up against the front wall, meaning against the huge plate class windows that comprise the front of the store.  Someone decided that the backs of those cases did not make an attractive storefront
appearance from the outside, that is there was no "curb appeal."

The solution that was adopted was to post huge sepia-tone prints of photos taken around the city in its earlier days.  Kudos to the corporation for this display of civic improvement.

 The aluminum bars that support the windows cut across some of the photos.  Not long ago I posted this picture along with a current snapshot of the same locale.  (STSTT, September 2)
 This was our Carnegie Library which many of us did not want to see demolished.  We are happy, though, with the replacement.  It is a much better facility for modern needs and in fact is a library any community could be proud to call its own.
This probably would be my favorite of these pictures were it not for the placement of the ad-riddled smokers bench which is placed there primarily for the convenience of those employees who cannot get through a shift without, well, you know.  In general (get it? "general") the employees are hard-working and civil, even friendly with the customers.  But some of the younger ones, even in this day and age of enlightenment, are knuckle-headed enough to think that consumption of nicotine is cool.

Why do I like this picture?  Several things are striking.  The fact that almost all the men are wearing white shirts with vests and ties is a fine reminder that the "good old days" presented some serious drawbacks.  That span of equines suggests to me that they might be able to get the stalwart firefighters to the fire in time to see the last wisps of smoke from the smoldering remnants of the one-time building they were sworn to protect.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Qualified Leader

"He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God." --II Samuel 23:3b (KJV)

These were among the last words of King David, words given by God.  These words stipulate two requirements for one who would be a leader.  1) He must exercise justice toward men and 2) he must honor God.

Think about that.

And have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Night Out

Saturday night, somewhere amidst the corn and soybeans which, by the way, are turning golden and brown.  In fact we saw one corn field where the combine was making passes.  Ah, autumn in Indiana!

But this night was a night on the town.  We had dinner at Erica's which is one of our favorite places to spend money to let someone else cook and wash up.  Then to the Atlanta Music Hall.  The band was in fine form.

 The gentleman in the boater and linen jacket was the evening's dance partner to BBBH whom you may see on the far right.  I mean they cut a rug, sashayed across the floor and brought down the house.  Bob is 94 years of age, and BBBH is a spring chicken, relatively speaking..

The band director asked the couple to do another number in the second set, but they declined, claiming the energy level was insufficient to support another go-round.

We actually rolled up the streets in Atlanta; we shut the place down.  That is our car in the distance and we were literally the last to leave main street.  It was 9:30 p.m.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Grandma's Reading Record

I have a somewhat ragged old Bible that once belonged to my Grandmother.  On the front and back blank leaves she recorded her readings of the Good Book.  The last lines read, "I read the Bible through in 1957 making 28 times."

In  1957 Grandma was 77 years of age.  This record indicates that she read the Bible through each year from 1932 onward.  Grandma lived to be 98 and we have no reason to believe that she changed her routine after 1957 so it is reasonable to assume that she read the Bible through 48 or 49 times during her lifetime.

One supposes that she got a new Bible in 1957, perhaps as a Christmas gift.  Who knows?  At any rate I do not have the successor Book to this one.

Wish I had been as faithful in reading the Word as was my Grandmother.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nature's Pastels

Our Backyard

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dust Bath

Ouabache State Park
Bluffton, Indiana