Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Light Housekeeping

https://guideimg.alibaba.com/images/shop/105/02/11/9/sexy-french-maid-costume-accessory-pink-feather-duster_41329.jpgFunny thing, I told Herk.  Housekeeping, I mean.      

How so?

When I was a kid, I could seldom get it good enough to please Mama; lot of chores done twice.

Herkimer chuckled.

But I got pretty good at it, and now I am thinking, I said, how much things change.

Herkimer, quizzically, Really?

Yeah, I explained, for years meeting Mama's standard in my own home was the goal.  You know, perfection.  But as I got older, things changed.  Now I am at a point where "good enough" is good enough.  At the rate I am going, the day will come when "not at all" is good enough.

Herkie laughed.  I was just remembering, he remarked, the early times in my married life.

Do tell, I encouraged.

Well, he said, Tildy and I had been married maybe two, three weeks.  I remarked to her that the house looked like she needed to dust.

Dust? she asked, in all seriousness.  What's "dust"?

 From Bob Warr and Picket Fences
with Bob's permission.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Meme. Mi, mi, mi, sol do

It has been a while since I have done one of these. Found this one on KCBob's blog.

Doesn't hurt to play a game occasionally nor to recall the past.  Here is vanilla's list.

    \/ Been Married

        Been Divorced
    \/ Fallen in love
    \/ Gone on a blind date
    \/ Skipped school
    \/ Been to Canada
    \/ Ridden in an ambulance
    \/ Been to Hawaii
    \/ Been to Europe
    \/ Been to Las Vegas
    \/ Been to Washington D.C
    \/ Been to Nashville
    \/ Visited Florida
    \/ Visited Mexico
    \/ Seen the Grand Canyon in person
    \/ Flown in a helicopter
    \/ Been on a cruise
    \/ Served on a jury
        Danced in the rain
    \/ Been to Los Angeles
    \/ Been to New York City
        Played in a band
     \/ Sang karaoke
     \/ Laughed so much you cried
        Laughed so hard you peed
    \/ Caught a snowflake on your tongue
    \/ Had children
    \/ Had a pet
    \/ Been sledding on big hill
        Been downhill skiing
        Been water skiing
    \/ Rode on a motorcycle
        Been on the Radio
        Traveled to all 50 states  (three to go)
        Jumped out of a plane
    \/ Been to a drive-in
    \/ Rode a Horse (if a pony counts)
       Been on TV
    \/ Been in the newspaper
    \/ Stayed in the Hospital
    \/ Donated blood
        Gotten a piercing
        Gotten a tattoo
        Been scuba diving
    \/ Got a speeding ticket (too many times)
    \/ Broken a bone
    \/ Gotten stitches
    \/ Traveled Alone

Make this meme your own. And let me know where to find your check marks. ツ

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Christian Workout

Someone gifted me with this T-shirt.  I wear it on occasion, though I think the theology is a bit weak. The text reads
Property of 
Strength Training
60 minutes every Sunday
makes you tougher than nails

Here is where I think it is flawed.  The corporate worship with fellow-believers is an important part of the Christian "workout," but 60 minutes a week is not nearly enough.  We must walk with Jesus 168 hours each week.  "Sunday Christians" are missing the point of a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I believe God expects his children to walk with Him, to follow Christ's example every day.

I have heard people say, "I don't need that God-stuff.  I am a good moral person."  And I believe they are good moral people, but that is not what God expects of us.  He wants to be close to us, to walk with us, to carry us when in our human weakness we cannot weather the vicissitudes of life without His Strength.

 For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps. --I Peter 2:21

My mother, Vera Morrell Lacy, was born 108 years ago on this date.  She gave her heart to the Lord as a young girl and there was never any question about her 168-hour per week walk with Jesus.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rib and Acetaminophen

Six days ago I leaned over the back of the front seat and reached down to retrieve a book from the door pocket.  It was a stretch and just as my fingertips touched the item they sought I heard the *snap* and knew instantly that I had cracked a rib.

It hurts more today than it did six days ago.  What did the doctor say?  I will tell you what he said.  I broke two ribs fifty-one years ago and went to the doctor who told me they would eventually heal, take two tylenol when the pain is too much to bear without them.  He charged me for the advice.

So certainly I did not go to the doctor this time.  Who said I don't learn from experience?

I am old and apparently brittle but I am not stupid.

Image result for cracked rib You may laugh now; excuse me if I don't join in.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ouabache State Park, 2016

Today's post is in a state of imbalance: long on pictures, short on text.

 The annual gathering of our friends of a certain age at Ouabache State Park.

 Wiener enjoyed the outing, too.

 Interesting fungus.  Obviously I did not eat it.

 JoLynn and Kent joined us on Monday.  The younger set to perk us up.

 Was it the pecs, or what?  Posing with a CCC worker.

Reflections on the lake.
Unfortunately, we had to pack it in a day early due to
medical appointment.  St. Mary's Church as seen from 
St. Vincent Mercy hospital, second floor and through 
the rain.

We are home safe and sound but bad weather including
tornadoes all around us.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yeah, It's a Riot

On January 18 [click] this year I introduced you to our poltergeist.  On January 22 I entered the hospital for surgery.  Forty days later I walked into our home again.  My best camera which I am certain I left in the house when I left has not showed up since.  Poltergeist.

But the little dickens hasn't had enough fun simply disappearing things we really want, it has recently added a new trick in its arsenal of annoyances.  Here's how it works.

I leave my address book on the dining room table, admittedly amongst a stack of papers, checkbooks and whatnots.  The whole arrangement annoys BBBH, perhaps justifiably so, who knows; so she will sort the material into stacks and advise me that I need to "take care" of those papers and so on.

Now understand that when I say I will do something, I will do it.  This does not mean I will do it instantaneously, or in some cases, even today.

Thus it is that two days after I have been "advised," I have need of my address book.  I riffle through the stack in which I last saw it.  Nope.  I go through the other two stacks.  Unh-uh.  Now, having not been born yesterday, before asking BBBH concerning the whereabouts of my address book, I go through all three stacks again.  To no avail.

I bite the bullet, find Beautiful in another room and pose the question.  "In the stack on the dining room table," she tells me.  "I went through them all three times," I tell her.

With a sigh of resignation, she drops what she is doing, goes into the dining room, and almost instantly plucks the book from the first stack and hands it to me.  Poltergeist's new trick.

You see the little devil takes the object from the spot where I know it is, hides it elsewhere until I need it, I can't find it, go to ask for help, Poltergeist returns the object to its rightful place.

I am convinced It does these tricks to make me look like an idiot.

Grrrr!  ROAR!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Long Time?

Today is my 30,000th day of life on this Earth.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hulda and the King

Today take a peek at II Kings chapter 22.  Nay, read the entire chapter, for therein we find the eight-year old Josiah comes to the throne.  He will reign for thirty-one years. 

We are told that "he did right in the sight of the Lord, and walked in all the way of David his father, and turned not aside to the right hand or to the left."  (verse 2)

Now Josiah followed a series of kings who had engaged in wickedness, strayed from the Lord and even established worship of heathen gods.  But one day during the work to reconstruct the temple, Hilkiah the high priest found a book of the law.  He gave the book to Shaphan the scribe who read it and took it to King Josiah and read it to him.

When the king heard the words he rent his clothes in anguish.  Josiah commanded Hilkiah, Shaphan and three others to go to Hulda, a woman of Jerusalem who was a known prophet.  Josiah charged that they ask her concerning God's will as he recognized that the "wrath of the Lord is kindled against us because our fathers have not hearkened unto the words of this book." (verse 13)

Hulda confirmed that God's wrath would not be quenched.  But because the king has a tender heart and he humbled himself before the Lord, the people would not be spared, but the king would die before he saw the desolation of Jerusalem.

His emissaries brought him this word of the Lord through Hulda the Prophet.

Now read chapter 23 in which Josiah cleans house and discover the circumstances of his death.

Takeaway:  The judgment of the Lord is stayed if we are contrite and repent of our sins.