Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Thursday following a visit to the eye doc, I got out my stash of old SEP magazines. Notice I did not refer to this as a "collection," because, by definition, a collection consists of three or more of something. I have only two of these old Saturday Evening Posts. The first one I riffled through was this, with HST on the cover and an article about him inside, which is the reason I saved the book in the first place. It is dated June 17, 1964 and the cover price is 25 cents. But I'm sure it cost me less than that, for if you can read the address label you will see that I was a subscriber.
I do not know who defaced this cover, nor do I know why. Probably one of the kids, as I had three of those under the age of eight at the time. That's a collection. And it increased in number. But no accusations. It might have been me or Mom.

This is a page from the Truman article, showing the former President with the then current President, about whom I wrote here.

Of course, the magazine contained ads, lots of ads.

My Dad bought a Fairlane and he was not so happy with it, because he did not plump down the extra spondoolicks for the 289. Trust me, he was most disappointed with the lack of "zip" and in 1965 he traded for a Galaxie 500 with the 289. (He sold that car to me and I drove it to 201,000 miles on the odometer, then sold it.)The Mets, the team everyone loved to hate, was wildly popular and had yet to achieve the status of "Miracle Mets." In 1964, folks were disappointed when the Mets won!
I've about jammed this post with photos, so I'll stop here, but with the note that there was, as indicated on the cover, an article "defending" Catholic schools, as well as a rather extensive article about Harlem. This latter article limning race relations at the time stands in stark contrast to today's America.


Silver said...

Wow. It's even older than me! Aren't things as old as this usually fetch a lot of money? Aren't they called antiques or vintage items or something? ;P


Anonymous said...

Spondoolicks. Limning. Great stuff.

blushing rose said...

Love reading the old magazines ... LOVE that car! TY for a walk down memory lane.Have a great week. TFFN ~ Marydon

vanilla said...

Oh, Silver, if only "old" stuff were valuable. I have lots of ancient things lying around. But most of it was new when I acquired it!

Thanks, Jim. The "spondoolicks" I got from Dad. Well, not the money, the expression.

Marydon, we have yet to see how "great" the week is. Festival in town, you know. Anyway, it's a marvelous opportunity for me to engage in my favorite sport: people watching. Dad always said, There's nobody funnier than people.