Monday, August 3, 2009

What is it All About, Anyway?

(I had already written this post when I discovered that Silver had bestowed this award on me. Now, there is something that makes this endeavor worthwhile! It was accompanied with this line: For Downright Sweetness. That really is too kind, and I appreciate it.)
I started blogging ten months ago with little idea as to what it was all about or what I was getting into. I guess I thought it would develop into something, that I might find a "theme" or at the least, I might find my "voice."

So as you know if you have looked at a few of my posts, it has developed into a potpourri without theme and often without apparent direction. Perhaps I lack interests, or I have too many interests; or it may be that I am simply not creative enough or disciplined enough to do the kind of thing so many bloggers do. There are some fantastic things going on out there in the blogosphere.

[Pictorial hilarity? try this. Like bridges and roads and the places they'll take you? go here. How about serious spiritual guidance wrapped up in delicious satire? perhaps this is your thing. Like coffee? these folks roast and vend organic coffees, but the site provides interesting info about this best of all beverages.
Crazy funny? Real life is funnier than your imagination. Or check out this post for several other good ones!]

But I am having fun, and that is after all a worthy goal. If I am the only one who derives pleasure from the endeavor, so be it.

Stream-of-consciousness is my style, if indeed I have a style.
At least I chose well when I picked a name for the blog!

What might be accomplished with bits of string just a little longer!

[and Happy Birthday to daughter-in-law Kim]


Silver said...

Ho Ho Ho Ho!..Christmas turned up a little early this year.

Congrats, Vanilla. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hat tip!

All of our lives are a potpourri without theme or direction. You just don't apologize for it.

Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

vanilla said...

And Merry Christmas to you, too, Silver! ;<)

Interesting observation, Jim. A while ago, I wrote a short piece on "Chaos Theory" relative to the human condition, but I never published it, lest the little guys in white coats and with the net come after me.

And to you, Andrea.

Silver said...

Oh Vanilla, PUBLISH IT!! I'll be on the look out for those guys. (wink!)

Your BBBH is a hair stylist? No wonder i have a strange affinity towards her right away when i saw her pic! She's definitely in my list for FAVOURITE PEOPLE!


PS- i see Andrea has come aboard too. :) She's a wonderful God-fearing woman! A real blessing!