Friday, August 21, 2009

Want Everything

Want everything
Have everything
Owe for everything.
No time to sing.

Been there
Did this
Did that
No time to pet my cat.

Ate cooked food
Ate raw food
Ate sushi and steak
Ate no fat, ate lots of cake.

Stayed up late
Got up early
No wonder I’m so surly
Then I begin all over again.

Run the treadmill of life
And in the gym
Kept the house
Neat as a pin.

But life slipped by at the speed of light
Never took time to fly my kite
Always busy --never late
Should have taken time to roller skate.

I’ve been young
I’ll be old
I was poor,
Wanted gold.

I have sinned
I have lied
Needed God
By my side.

Now I see what I’ve become
Should have taken time for fun.

Only riches from above
Completely fill the need for love.

©2007 Grace JoAnn Lacy. Used by permission.


Secondary Roads said...


vanilla said...

The author says "Thanks."

Lin said...

Nice. It's just so darned true, isn't it??

vanilla said...

Thanks from the composer; and from me: yes, much too true. You touched on the topic, too, in your post, The Problem With Paddling.