Thursday, August 20, 2009

No-roaming Calling Plan

A while back, we were staying along the Louisiana Gulf Coast. It was here that we were cautioned about cell phone use. We were told that the oil platforms off-shore would pick up and bounce the signals, for which we would be charged an unreasonable amount.

Sure enough, when we arrived home we had a bill with a roaming charge for just that. BBBH called the service provider and reminded them that she had a no-roaming charge contract. Right, said they, within the United States, but you were in the Gulf of Mexico. Not so, she said, we were firmly ashore in Louisiana, USofA and the signal had bounced off an oil platform at sea. Well, she was told, it is not our fault you received a signal from outside the country. Really, she said. Well it's sure not my fault you let your signals stray all over creation. Finally, after getting a supervisor on the line, Beloved Beautiful told them that if they didn't remove the charge she would cease using their service. This got their attention real quick, and the story ends as I tell you they removed the charge.

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