Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Converting a Jay Bird

An intruder, a Jay Bird’s unmistakable markings
were apparent when Reverend
opened his garage door on a bright
sunny morning. Ah! There he perches
amid rafters maze high overhead
while refusing the offer of escape by
Rev. speaks gently to Jay as follows:
“Fly out, Jay, you are free; and you must
Be tired and frightened.”
Jay speaks haughtily: “Don’t be stupid,
I like it here amid these tangled rafters,
Leave me alone.”
Rev. speaks soothingly:
“You must understand,
Go for the light and liberty.”
Jay scorns Rev. by saying: “I will not
Be deceived, I will not.”
Rev. pleadingly implores Jay: “You will
Perish here alone in the heat without
Water and food. Look, an open door.”
Jay screams: “More deception, I will not
Seek the light.”
Rev, manipulating long handled fish net
Says: “Leave or face capture.” (fear tactic)
It did not work.
Jay haughtily says:
“Watch my speed, grace,
My every quirk. Catch me if you can.”
The Chase begins: a true obstacle course
For Jay and Rev. Rafters above and garage
Trivia below. Heat and humidity for both.
Result of chase: A perspiring Rev. and
A faltering Jay after half-hour contest.
Rev. uses plastic pipe as a SHOO-BRUSH
No luck.
Jay and Rev. are bone weary, but both determined.
Jay determined to stay inside.
Rev. determined that Jay go.
Jay avoiding light & release flies open
Mouthed & hard breathing.
Jay falls a little lower by the minute,
He is scratching the wall to stay up,
But is clearly defeated.
Jay continues flight with Rev. in hot
Pursuit until Jay falls to the floor.
Rev. OODLES Jay toward the door & lite.
Jay is subdued, epitome of defeat though
Pushed outside, but must rest a bit.
Rev. says: “See, I told you there was freedom.”
Jay Bird took his freedom flight.
A Jay he was, a Jay he will be
Caring for neither God nor me.
Jay caused a lot of wasted time for
Rev. & himself. Jay flies in freedom
While Rev. cleans his garage floor,
But seems pleased with himself.

--D. W. Lacy Note: Sometimes we try with Human Jay Birds.

(Not all of my father's writings were theological expositions or evangelistic homilies; although perhaps this is both. He was about 84 when he engaged in this contest of wills with the Jay Bird.)

©2005 David W. Lacy


Andrea said...

Powerful message!


PS: You have an award at arise 2 write

Secondary Roads said...

Very well told story and loaded with truth.

Vee said...

Interesting. Had not seen this.

vanilla said...

I thank you for reading Dad's little story, Andrea and Chuck.
(I have checked it out, Andrea. You will see my response soon.)

Vee, there are some interesting items in those old boxes and notebooks.