Sunday, August 23, 2009

God's Purpose for the Church (Body Life)

Pastor Doug based the message today on Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 12, verses 12 through 31. Who is the Church? The Greek word for "church" is "ecclesia" meaning "the called out one." The Church is the called out of the world to serve. The Church is made up of those who have accepted the call of God.Church is a group of people, not a place we attend, or go to. You will never experience all God has for you until you understand this concept.In the Church we find our purpose and our life mission. We find WHO WE ARE.

Four Truths about Body Life in the Church of Christ

1. One Body, many parts (v.12) Every part is just as God wants it to be. (v.18) 2. Each part needs the other. There are no "Lone Ranger" Christians. We are created to be part of the group. 3. Equal concern for each other (v. 25), just as there should be no division in the body human (v.26). When one part suffers, all suffer. We need to celebrate our differences. 4. We are the body of Christ. (v.27) Jesus realized there was only one of Him, so He left so there would be millions to do His work. Essentially, Jesus never left, because He lives through us. Not all have the same path, but together as the Body of Christ we see Jesus. We are the Body so that the world may see Christ.

"Christ Carrying the Cross" by El Greco

Historical note, not germane to the sermon: Eighty-three years ago today, Valentino died, sending women everywhere into mourning, and in some cases, even to suicide.

Rudolph Valentino 1895 - 1926 RIP

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