Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paternal Grandparents

Grandmother Tempa Taylor Lacy, circa 1916
Grandfather Raymond R. Lacy, circa 1960

My Grandfather, Raymond Rudolph Lacy, was born in Sidney, Iowa on August 1, 1877, the son of Theodore M. and Mary Angela Venable Lacy. He married Tempa Adeline Taylor, daughter of Francis Marion Taylor and Sarah Chapman Curtis Taylor, on Christmas Day, 1899. The Lacys raised ten children, eight of whom were boys. My father, the sixth child, was born in 1910.

Grandparents lived in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas prior to moving to Eastern Colorado in a covered wagon in 1914. There they homesteaded near Springfield. Hard times. They relocated to the Wiley-McClave area where the family engaged in farming. Grandmother died in 1935. Most of the children were adults by this time. Granddad eventually moved into Lamar where he earned a livelihood as a carpenter and painter. He died in 1962.

I never knew my grandmother, as I was less than a year of age when she passed away. I recall seeing my grandfather perhaps twice.

Raymond Rudolph Lacy 1877 - 1962 RIP

Tempa Adeline Taylor Lacy 1881 - 1935 RIP

On August 1, 1819 Herman Melville was born. We'll do Melville next week, since today is reserved for family.


Andrea said...

I am interested in families and their heritage. When we look back at what our forefathers wen through it amazes me. They were strong and determined people.
Blessings, andrea

Secondary Roads said...

You are fortunate to have such a nice photograph of your grandmother.

vanilla said...

Andrea, those who went before us gave us a real heritage. I hope we can live courageously enough that our progeny will be able to look back and say the same for us.

Chuck, my mother was a wonder. I found when I inherited the box of pictures in the closet that she had labelled every photo, save one.