Sunday, August 30, 2009

God's Purpose for the Church (Evangelism)

The second in Pastor Doug's series on God's purpose for the Church is based on several scriptures, references given throughout.
How does Jesus define "evangelism?" Evangelism is seeing people reconciled to God, to know Christ personally. The "how" of evangelism has many answers.

Five "Musts" for the Church in Evangelism.
1. The Church must be dynamic. Matthew 16:18. Christ says "I will build," that is to build a new nation, a nation of believers. Building requires Change. The outward change is the gathering in of new people; the inward change is growth in ones own relationship to Christ.

2. The Church must know the goal. Matthew 22:36 -40. The goal is to Love God in reaching out to others: to let them see Christ's love in us, that they will love the Lord.

3. The Church must feed off the passion of Christ. Matthew 23:37. "How often have I longed--"
Jesus had a passion for people and so must we have.
Choice is the first gift of grace.
Passion will fuel us, even when we are discouraged. We want to serve because we love, not because we are obligated.

4. The Church must know its message. Luke 9:1,2. Its purpose is to drive out demons, to heal; preach the kingdom, to know God and to become like Him.

5. The Church must know its power source. Matthew 28:9 - 20. (The Great Commission)
Go (into the world), Make (disciples), Baptize (new believers), Teach (men to follow in Christ's footsteps). Then, Jesus said, "I will be with you always.

Anything done in human context will have short term effect, or it will fail, without the Holy Spirit.

Our purpose is to allow God to live in us, to reach out to others to reconcile with God.
Where do you need to follow Jesus for this next week? next month?


hoosier reborn said...

This is good...I have mixed feelings on evangelism, growing up charasmatic and now in an E. Free church, I think we put too much emphasis on the single decision, but not on building relationships with people because we actually see them the way God does-loving them first. I'm guiding/facilitating our church leadership through revisioning for our church and I am praying that our #1 focus is always outside our 4 walls.


vanilla said...
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vanilla said...

God bless your ministry, Kurt. As Jesus Himself said, Love God with all your being, and love your neighbor as yourself. The outreach seems to be the focus!