Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Chuck at Secondary Roads played this meme and challenged his readers to take it up. Later I read Mikki's list at Here's What Let's Do

1. Write something about 15 persons you know.2. Don't mention the names of these 15 persons.3. If someone asks who they are, don't tell them.4. Tag 15 persons but don't include persons you refer to in your post.

1. YOU-loved me when I wasn't lovable.
2. YOU-are always on my mind.
3. YOU-put itching powder down my back during church.
4. YOU-helped me work through my grief.
5. YOU-have been my best friend for seventy years.
6. YOU-put my life back together when it fell apart.
7. YOU-don't like jalapeno kisses.
8. YOU-are smarter than I, but I like you anyway.
9. YOU-are the best boss I ever had.
10. YOU-are truly weird, but I like you anyway.
11. YOU-are the first person I hired when I became boss.
12. YOU-moved me to the Pacific Northwest.
13. YOU-were on my side when I faced my orals.
14. YOU-taught me English in HS, and you still keep tabs on me sixty years later.
15. YOU-were a student in the first class I taught, and I still keep tabs on you fifty years later.

Now, since you have read this, YOU are tagged. Let me know when you post!


Silver said...

V funny. Not a chance.

Silver said...

Btw.. i read them again. Since i have not known you for decades or had ut itching powder on your back in church.. i would like to think i'm closest referred to no 8

;0 i know. i can hear you say- "wishful thinking.."

Have a blessed day, Vanilla and what a fun post today!

vanilla said...

Silver, oh, why not?
--and maybe, I'll never tell!

Secondary Roads said...

Neat post. Thanks for accepting the tag. This one has been a lot of fun.

Clara said...

Love your post. Itching powder in church. Oh boy, I'll bet you both got in trouble for that one. It made me laugh. How blessed you are to have had a best friend for 70 years. And I think it's cool that you have a teacher keeping track of you as you keep track of a student. Relationships like that can be life changing. Thanks for stopping by to read my YOUs, too.