Friday, July 3, 2009

Open Letter to Auntie

Dear Aunt Nanny,

I am writing today to express my concern and deep sense of sorrow for my Uncle Sam's recent ill health. I know that your efforts in his interest are intense and consume all your waking moments.

Things certainly don't seem to be the same since my robust bachelor uncle married you. Very likely you had good reason to believe he needed to be "tamed". It seems to me, though, that perhaps you've gone too far in your efforts, thereby breaking his spirit and contributing to Uncle's present condition?

May I suggest that as you care for Uncle you might find it helpful to restrict your concern for the nieces and nephews, both for your own well-being and for theirs? Perhaps they are sufficiently strong and capable enough to care for themselves, at least for the most part. Some "alerts" to dangers in our pathway could be taken as sound advice, but is it really necessary to deprive us of choices outright, even if it be in the interest of "our own good"? And by the way, taxing things in order to "price" them out of our reach is such a transparent attempt to restrict our freedom and pick our pockets that I'm a little abashed that my Auntie would employ such tactics.

It is true that some of my cousins are irresponsible, but is it really fair for you to require me, repeatedly I might say, to bail them out of the messes they create for themselves?

I am praying daily for Uncle Sam's speedy recovery, notwithstanding the prognosis at the moment seems bleak.

Do convey our heartiest good wishes to Uncle Sam, for the restoration of his Constitution is the only hope we have for a bright future.

Your loving nephew,


Secondary Roads said...

Amen brother, Amen!
Very well done and it expresses a sentiment that I too feel.

Anonymous said...

May I copy and paste this and send it on to a few of my computer friends. If so email me and let me know.

Silver said...

"I am praying daily for Uncle Sam's speedy recovery, notwithstanding the prognosis at the moment seems bleak."

We all are, even the distant relatives.


vanilla said...

SR, we are not alone!

Anon, I am gratified that you find it worthy.

Silver, we appreciate your concern. We need all the prayers we can get.