Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lucky Me

I seem to have a knack for seeing four-leaf clovers. As Cookie and I walk around the neighborhood, I frequently spot one of these minor anomalies at my feet. (I should look up as I walk, you say?) It isn't that I am looking for them so much as it is that I see them. So I pluck one and carry it home where the Beloved Beautiful Better Half always expresses amazement at my --ability? visual acuity? luck?

I am aware that I am not luckier than the next person. It is just that when I find such a clover, I walk home singing, "I'm looking over a four-leaf clover That I overlooked before. One leaf for sunshine--" You know.

[I did find a ten-dollar bill, folded in quarters and lying in the street as I rode my bike to town one day last week. Now that was lucky.]


Lin said...

I'll take the $10 over the four-leaf clover anyday!

vanilla said...

Ah, but not MY $10.