Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Supper's On!


Silver said...

Thanks for sharing that. Looks a little like the celery Chinese stir fry with beef slices. Yumm!

Did you know that celery is known to benefit people with high blood pressure?

vanilla said...

Silver, BBBH frequently does stir fry.

Did not know the celery bp benefit--we use it because we like it. Win-win.

btw, did the eclipse darken your part of the world?

Silver said...

we must have missed it.. we should get outdoor more often ;P

BTW- the celery is really very potent for BP cure. When i took a little of it- (it's yummy when it's stir dried with marinated beef..salivating) it sent me to the moment parallel with the Eclipse. (black out for already very low BP problem in my case. So NO celery in my diet ;(