Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And Grandpa's Birthday

My grandfather, Samuel Harvey Morrell, was born in Speers Ferry, Virginia on July 14, 1878. He was the son of Samuel Harvey and Sarah Harris Morell. I have related a part of his story by telling my grandmother's story on her birthday last week.

It is not a typographical error which indicates that my grandfather and his father spelled their last names differently. There are various family stories about how this circumstance arose, none to my knowledge indicating friction within the tribe. Since I have no first-hand information on this, I'll say only that there were some of the Morell boys who inserted the second "r" and some who did not, and the whole tribe is related, regardless.

Grandpa was a hard-working man his entire life. While he was not a veterinarian, he was known for his ability to treat ailing animals and his services were often in demand. He also pulled teeth for people who were in agony, and my dad had his forceps and dental tools for years. All four fingers on one hand were truncated, cut off squarely about even with the middle knuckle of the index finger. This accident occured in the haymill at Hartman, Colorado. At the time of his demise at the age of 69 he was a caretaker in a lemon grove in Ventura, California. The time I spent with him there is a pleasant memory, short as it was.

Samuel Harvey Morrell 1878 - 1947 RIP
Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Morrell, circa 1940

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