Sunday, July 12, 2009

Advice Every Leader Needs to Hear

Pastor Doug's sermon today is based on the visit Jethro, his father-in-law, made to Moses as recorded in Exodus 18: 7 - 27.
"Every one of us is a leader."
A leader has the ability
1) to influence people to move forward.
2) to delegate responsibility to the right people.
3) to foresee (anticipate); has a vision for the future.
Moses was in a leadership crisis, and didn't even know it. Jethro observed the procedure and said, "This is not good."
Why a Leader Can't Do it Alone.
1. You will wear out, and the followers with you. (v.18)
2. The work is too heavy. Morale starts with the leader.
3. It can't be done alone. "A leader who doesn't have a following is only taking a walk." One is not a leader if no one is following.
A Leader's Job Description (vv. 19 -21)
1. Will oversee the people. Sees the big picture.
2. Will teach and model skills needed to do the work.
3. Will delegate duties to responsible people.
"Place leaders over thousands, over hundreds, over fifties, and over tens."
There are not many big tasks in the church, but there are many small one that make a big impact.
What is the Result of the Leader's Work? (vv. 22 - 24)
1. The load is lighter.
2. The leader is able to stand the strain, to endure.
3. The people will be satisfied, because their needs are being met.

If you are a follower, have you thanked your "leader" lately?

We have to have godly leaders; be a pastor to your group. Encourage.

Don't be a queen or a king. Don't reign, but be a shepherd.

As a follower, live so that your leader's responsibility is a joy!

Moses , marble by Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1515

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