Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reshaping Tipton

This project is on the maindrag, a block east of the vacant lot created a couple weeks ago. Is this to be another "greenspace?"
Well, we are told that it is a renovation and that the facade is to be restored to its original early-twentieth century glory.
We're watching.


Silver said...

Restoration works are always a big welcome. Would be a shame if it's otherwise and to stick out like a sore thumb afterward.

Read abt grandpa's story. I can't imagine the life he had to go through after the accident. Must have been so awful.

hoosier reborn said...

Tipton! I was the project architect on their community center. Great courthouse!

vanilla said...

Yes, Silver, I prefer restoration to either demolition or modernization. Within reason, of course.

And, HR, great Community Center! We think it fits into the town very nicely, architecturally speaking.