Friday, July 17, 2009

At the Circus

Kids under ten.


Seven-person pyramid on high wire.

Wednesday evening our camping group met for an early supper and devotions. During supper, I told the group I once heard a preacher from the pulpit say, "I understand the circus is coming to town. Who goes to the circus? I'll tell you who goes to the circus. Sir Cuss (voice dripping with scorn) that's who goes to the circus. And Mrs. Cuss and all the little Cusses." Following devotions, we departed the campground bound for Circus City, a mere eight or so miles away. Peru, Indiana has long been known as Circus City. It has been the winter encampment site for major circuses for generations.

On this evening we were on our way to a performance in the Permanent Bigtop in downtown Peru. This was an amateur circus, the world's largest, and presented by performers under 21 years of age. Don't let that fool you. These youngsters put on a show of virtually professional caliber. Clearly, these kids spend a major portion of their time honing their circus skills. Amazing and exciting were the trapeze artists and the high-wire performances. But the ground-level activities were mind-boggling, too. They kept three rings moving for three hours.

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