Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday--

--to me.

On this day in 1934 my brother and I were born in Hartman, Colorado. Dad said the termperature was 112. I have been in Hartman in the summer and I've no reason to question that statement. It was a day of joy for the new parents, for they were seeing the beginnings of a family; but,too, it was a day of sorrow, for my brother did not survive.
I am seventy-five years of age, living, as Dad used to say, "on borrowed time." I am a great-grandfather now. I have had both joy and sorrow in my life; and I have to say that God is Good. He allows me to celebrate in times of joy. He supports and comforts me in times of sorrow.
I am looking forward to many more years in which I can enjoy God's creation as I watch the next generations take their rightful places in the scheme of things. Yet no one is guaranteed another breath, and in that regard I am not different from anyone else. Thus it is imperative for me and for all of us to make the most of each moment we have, and to be ready when that final breath is taken.


I'm simply too old to "frazzle."

Oh, the good years behind
The fizzle years ahead.
I can no longer frazzle
But at least I am not dead. --DWL


Vee said...

Have a very happy birthday! (I trail only a short distance behind in the aging process.) Love you! Sis

vanilla said...

Ah, yes. But you still lag behind by the same margin you've always done. I'd have to stop in order for you to catch up, and I've no plan to do that real soon.
Love, Bro

Lin said...

Hey, Vanilla--Happy Birthday to you!! Wow, 75???! That is a great! Hope you have a good day. :)

Fresh Coffee said...

Happy Birthday. Only 25 to go. Then no matter what you say, we are having a big party. Shari & Reid

Secondary Roads said...

Happy Birthday old timer. Next month, I'll celebrate 69 trips around the sun.

Silver said...

sooory, me late. Happy Belated dear one!

So did you get yourself a cake with candles on it? ;)

vanilla said...

Thank you all for your good wishes. It was all good. And Silver, I did! :o)