Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home from the Park

The gateway.
The geese.

The dam.
The gathering.

We have just returned home following four days and four nights at Mississinewa State Recreation Area. Our Christian Campers Fellowship chose that site for our July outing. It was four days of face-to-face visiting, chowing down together and engaging in games and activities suited to persons of our age. It was four days without internet access. Each evening we had a devotional period seated around the campfire. Wednesday evening activities report in separate post. Stay tuned.

Next month: Versailles State Park.
[Happy Birthday grandson Kristofer and great grandson Hunter]


Silver said...

Looks like a nice neat place. Lots of green lung and time away from the INTERNET!!

The first pic is your Mrs? She looks absolutely adorable!!

vanilla said...

Yes, the Mrs., or as I call her in the blog "BBBH" (Beloved Beautiful Better Half). And thanks!