Monday, November 16, 2009

Wheels, Family and Cats

This post goes up a little late on this totally soaked and soaking Monday morning here in the Hometown. We arrived home from Northern Illinois following a long, very wet, but uneventful drive. Traffic was minimal, and though the roads were wet-slick, a little care insured safe return to the domicile.
Saturday evening we attended the play Reaching Outpost. Nephew's writing provided a great vehicle for an excellent performance by the Kaneland High School players. Afterward, visiting with the playwright, we had the opportunity to hear his rationale to the approach he had taken. JD said that he started with the thought in mind that he would like a light drama specifically designed to be performed by kids, not something in which high school students were playing adult roles. In this he succeeded very well. We were entertained.

Sunday morning my niece, her husband and her son had arrived from New Jersey. I had not previously met Heidi's husband, nor had I yet seen the grand nephew. What a beautiful child he is, and good-natured to a fault. At fifteen months, he is a real "people person," a charmer if there ever was one. A crew of family members, thirteen in all, met for brunch in beautiful downtown Elburn. It was great.
The creatures above are residents in my sister's home. At top, Isabella, and below her, Peaseblossom.


Vee said...

Sounds like the play was good and the visit a lot of fun. Sorry I missed out!

vanilla said...

Vee, all in all, a great weekend. But you were missed.

Lin said...

Sounds like a grand time, Vanilla!! And those kitties are giant pouf balls!

vanilla said...

It was, Lin. And they are. You know I am not a 'cat person,' but for the most part, cats are so graceful and beautiful one can't help admiring that in them. (Don't tell Hobbes and Grace.)