Friday, November 6, 2009

We Have Winners!

Perserverance pays. Several attempts to master one of S R's intriguing contests have ended in failure to grasp the gold ring-- er, I mean shiny red tomato. Aha. But this time I am a winner, sharing first place with Pricilla, clever little goat.
The entry required selecting three words from the provided list and creating definitions for same. This was my submission:

Carkyr --n. (deriv: western Appalachia ) attention to one's vehicle. "Junior Junior's garage gives the best carkyr hyrabouts.

Furamed --n. (pharmaceutical shorthand) generic diuretic. "The pharmacist filled my script for furamed."

Slyte --n. tricky expression of disrespect, so smooth that the recipient doesn't know he's been insulted.
--v.t. (-d, slyting) the act of showing such disrespect. "Junior's garage is the best in these parts." (As, it is the only garage in these parts, hence Junior has been "slyted.")
Thankyou, Chuck
, for entertaining us!


Secondary Roads said...

Vanilla, Your definitions were certainly prize winners. Thanks for participating in the contest.

vanilla said...

And again, Chuck, thanks for the fun and the "Tommy Toe."