Thursday, November 26, 2009


And for what am I giving thanks? Among the many other blessings that God has granted, I am also thankful for the pure enjoyment of sitting here in my living room with no other company but the dog. The clock hands just dropped to the back side of the noon hour and I am not involved in messing with anything. Except this. There is no aroma of roasting turkey or baking pies. There is no rattle of pots and pans from the kitchen. It is comfortable, warm and cozy here. The cars are parked in their accustomed spots and are not being impressed into road duty today. The house is not filled with our progeny. There are no family arguments taking place, kids still airing their grievances with one another after more than forty years of harboring their grudges, some of their 'annoyances' having been embellished over time, to the point that the differences in their recollections have become a major part of their disagreements. There are none of the children's kids, our grandkids, adding to the confusion by their whining about how "not fair" everything is in their lives. Nor are there any of them sulking in a corner. Nor are there any of our greatgrandkids calling their friends on their cells, or more likely texting silently as they glower at all assembled, while the youngest of the lot are throwing toys or food, smacking one another just for the fun of it, or screaming at the top of their lungs, distorting their cherubic little faces into red crevasses running with tears and snot. The phone has not rung this morning. No one wishing us a "Happy Thanksgiving." Right. Everyone is too busy dealing with all the "stuff" hinted at above. Yes, we have an abundance of blessings for which we are truly thankful. And sometimes we need to take time to be grateful for what we don't have! (Oh, btw, our family celebration will be on Sunday.)

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