Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glad You Asked

Thank you for asking for pictures of the office, for it gives me another post for the old blog!

The Kokopelli Room, aka my office. Four bookcases, two desks, two recliners. The roadrunner is the 'throw' on the back of a recliner.

The wall hanging is a gift from a friend in Oklahoma. The curtains were made by BBBH. Note the "Kokopelli" border all the way around the top of the room.

The "Wall" and the Family Tree.

Irony: I just happened across this right at this time as I was cleaning out files.


My libido is long gone.
My ego’s on the way.
Soon the id will go,
Then will come the day
My body, just a husk,
In silence will decay.

--David W. Lacy
November 19, 2006

Well, three years later I'm still kickin' along!


Secondary Roads said...

Nice office. It looks so comfy. And I love that poem -- it is something that I can relate to.

Please visit Secondary Roads today and claim the award that awaits you there.
-- Chuck

Andrea said...

Great office.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Vee said...

Very nice!

vanilla said...

Thank you, Chuck. And thank you.
(I may have to apologize for posting that verse, but those who understand my humor will get it.)

Andrea, thank you for your kindnesses.

And thanks, Vee. Since you asked!