Monday, November 9, 2009

Harvest Contest

The flower and the fruit, June and November. You tell me.
No prizes, spelling counts.


Anonymous said...

That's a catalpa tree.

There's a 150-year-old catalpa in our church's front yard.

Secondary Roads said...

Agree. It is a Catalpa.

vanilla said...

150 year catalpa. That's cool. I planted this one nine years ago when it was a 'stick' about four feet. The tree is now about 26' w/ 19" girth at 4'.

Of course, Jim and Chuck, you are both right. Guess the 'city slickers' chose not to venture a guess. Or else everyone knows this tree.

hoosier reborn said...

Catalpas. My grandfather had a massive one growing next to his barn we built a tree fort older cousins thought it would be fun to lower me to the ground in a feed bucket on a rope. The branch broke and I hit the ground. I also remember a lot of worms on that tree. Not good memories here...but there are a couple on a farm we are looking to purchase...I suppose I'll let them live.

vanilla said...

HR, I knew a guy once who planted a catalpa for the worms!