Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Looking Ahead

A few days ago I put up a post which showed a picture of an elderly man feeding the birds. I wrote a little piece to accompany it, which son Carl referred to as my cri du coeur. (He studied at The Sorbonne). So today I am highlighting another local artist, Bev Holliday, who painted this pictorial philosophy which hangs in our living area. I shall interpret.

The loving youngsters represent my progeny, specifically the myriad great grandchildren I have. They are watching me sail "into the sunset," so to speak. They have a lifetime to look forward to as they mature and prepare to launch out into life's sea. Little do they realize that my ship shall not return to them, but rather will sail to a far shore.

The artist might disavow my interpretation, perhaps even averring that it portrays her kids at the beach last summer. Good for her. I see what I see.

In memory of Ellie, who sailed into the sunset eleven years ago today.


Secondary Roads said...

A beautiful observation and a profound truth. Safe anchorage awaits at the other end of the journey.

Silver said...

Isn't Art supposed to be like that? And i like your version of expression better.


vanilla said...

Praise the Lord, Chuck, for that 'safe anchorage' on the other shore!

Silver, I once had a prof who stated that there was "nothing more subjective than assigning marks." He was close, but wrong. Interpretation of Art is, indeed, more subjective. And thank you.

Lin said...

Wow, pally, I just thought it was sweet to see the love between the two kids. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, it is sweet that you see what you see. :)

We do like this little painting.