Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ham for Dinner

This scrawny bird showed up here on the farm two years ago. He escaped the executioner's axe because, frankly, he was too skinny to eat. So his image was circulated to wish friends and family-->
The following year, we scared him out of the woods again, and behold, there seemed to be no improvement in his physical condition. Once again he survived, this time to wish my blog pals a Happy Thanksgiving. So we sought the little dickens again this season. But to what avail? He not only is too small to butcher, he is by now too old and too tough, I suspect, to eat. So, again we send him to you to say
Happy Thanksgiving, and eat more Pig!
Special feature for your entertainment: Grace's post.


Silver said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mrs Vanilla & all at home!


Secondary Roads said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & the Mrs.
A great big oink to Scrawny Bird.

vanilla said...

We accept and appreciate you good wishes, Silver and SR. Blessings to you and yours as well!