Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Bloated Friday

So it is late Friday morning, Thanksgiving Day 2009 having passed into history. While myriad flocks of humanity all across the country invade the malls and swarm over the merchandise, doubtless rudely shoving and mauling each other in the process (I'm only imagining this, for I have never seen it happen), I sit here in the comfort of my own home. But that is not to say I am comfortable. Because the inevitability of discomfort following a day of complete inertia, except for the incessant motion mouthward by the right hand holding one or another comestible, has inundated me, body and spirit.

Serves me right.

But better that, much better, than being out with the madding crowd.
How many days will you have turkey leftovers?


Secondary Roads said...

Zero days of turkey left overs. We don't do turkey. There will lamb enough left over for a couple more meals.

I'm surprised that they don't call this black and blue Friday.

Andrea said...

I am not out in the craziness, either. I would rather be home with my furry kids and wonderful husband.

No turkey left overs, here! Our kids were all out of town, so we did not cook the big guy! Just a quite Thanksgiving here.

Blessings, andrea