Friday, November 20, 2009

Royal Wedding

Today Elizabeth II Regina and Prince Philip celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary. I am unable to provide a photograph of the happy couple at the time of their wedding because a) I was not present, and if I had been I would have been a mere lad of thirteen and totally barred from the environs of Westminster Abbey; and b) I could find no on-line images which are not copyrighted.

If you are interested in seeing the happy couple, she in her scrumpdillyicious gown, look at this site:

If you are not an Anglophile, that is okay. I wouldn't say that I am one, either. But anyone who stays married to each other this long deserves our congratulations.

Congratulations, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.
Image: Knights of the Bath, by Canaletto 1749. Procession at Westminster Abbey
Semi-apology. Or better, apology to those who don't know me well enough to understand my humor. Yesterday I posted a little verse I wrote three years ago. Please do not infer that I am a "gloomy gus" type, nor that morbidity has set in. I deeply appreciate the gifts God has given me, and specifically the gift of life, which I enjoy very much.


Vee said...

Nice picture of the couple - beautiful bride. Obviously, protection from aging is not a privilege of royalty.

Lin said...

I've heard of so many tales of their infidelities--does it count then if you just stay married?? I guess you get points for being together all those years in spite of all that.

vanilla said...

Vee, they are subject to the same ravages of time we all are. ('subject' --get it?)

Lin, I guess points for sticking.
(stuck?) Personally, I haven't followed the peccadilloes of the royals over the years.