Friday, June 19, 2009

You've Got to Be Kidding

Just when one thinks Ingrid and her loony associates at PETA can't get any sillier, they provide us not with one, but two new lunacies!
One, it is a tradition at Seattle's Pike Place Market for the fishmongers to toss the fish as they vend them. These people have been asked to perform in a fish-tossing demonstration at a veterinarians' convention. PETA protesteth. Corpses as entertainment is not cool. This has created a foofaraw, needless to say. And the vets say the demo will go forward, and besides, the fish will be eaten afterward! Yum,yum.
Two, scarce had this uproar started than Prez O swats a fly with his bare hand. Nice shot, but what is all the media replay about? Big deal. But the insect has its champion, for it is PETA again-- (who would have guessed?) who raise the alarm concerning an otherwise great national leader who shows such disrespect for life as to slap a fly to death!
Someone has calculated that there exist some 160 million or more insects per person. Ingrid and her fans are welcome to my share of them.
Now, where did I put that can of diazanon?

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