Saturday, June 27, 2009

Car Story: Finis

Perhaps we'll wrap up this car thing. In addition to the cars I've already written about, we have owned a 1989 Plymouth Voyager, my first minivan; and a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am which belonged to BBBH when we got married. We traded it for a 2003 Grand Am (she does like her Pontiacs); and we parted with it for the 2007 G6 GT that I described in the "Orphans" story.

Certainly in a span of 55 years of car ownership there were many adventures and misadventures, moments of elation and times of distress, all related to the vehicles I have owned. I am sure that the same is true for you if you have ever owned so much as one automobile. Did you ever sign the papers and then have buyer's remorse the very next day?

There were some "dream cars" I never acquired during my long love affair with wheels. The "want" was there, the "wherewithal" wasn't.

1941 Cadillac 62 (Preference: five-window coupe, but a 4-dr sedan would have worked.) Teen dream.

Studebaker Golden Hawk (A Silver Hawk would have worked. Or a Speedster. Couldn't swing that, either.)

1957 Chrysler 300C (I still drool at the thought. A 1955 300 would work, too.)

Any Morgan Plus 4 (It is a dream, you know.)

There were others, but that's the main list.
Safe travels and fun times to you.


Célio said...

Olá, passei para dar uma olhadinha em seu blog, muito interessante. Parabéns.

vanilla said...

Celio, thank you for stopping by. Please come again!

Silver said...

(sigh.. as you can see, i do have quite a bit of distractions where i am now.. just noticed some typo errors..oops)

Just saw your Jonah post published seconds ago.. that seems like a serious read to i think i'm going for "easy" first ;P

well, the last car (Morgan Plus4) is so cute!!! like the whale which vomited Jonah out..

ok..will get to serious reading now, Mister. Jonah.. (is this part of the sermon in church today?)

vanilla said...

Silver, the "Jonah" post is actually a devotional I prepared and presented to our campers' club last fall. The story, as you see, is a wildly free paraphrase of the book of Jonah. The "study" questions reflect the teacher in me. Everything has to be a lesson, no?

(Haven't yet been to church this morning, as it doesn't start for another forty minutes yet. Time zones!)