Thursday, June 4, 2009

Around the Yard

Here's a what is it.
While strolling around the yard I snapped a few pix. The columbine is among my favorites. We have several varieties, including a "double" pink which has already gone to seed.
This picture is looking north along Buck Creek, which is technically (well, actually)not in our yard, but it runs from north to south about 300 yards east of the house.
This last shot shows the river birch clump in our front yard just south of the driveway. I planted this nine years ago when it was about six feet tall. I like birches very much. The first picture is also a shot of this birch.

Remember Tiananmen Square, June 4, 1989


Secondary Roads said...

I'm not what I'm looking at or looking for in that first shot. I do see a beetle on the right side.

vanilla said...

Or curly bark.