Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Am I A Hoosier Yet?

Fifty years ago this month my wife and child and I chose to relocate from Seattle to Indiana. Our first home was in Wilkinson which I tell people who ask is halfway between Maple Valley and Warrington. From there we moved to Lebanon, then to Converse.

Forty years ago this month we moved to Tipton. This little three-bedroom house is where we raised our four children. It is where we were living when wife Frieda died. I moved about a year later and eventually sold the house. But I think I am a "Tiptonite" for I have resided in this town these forty years.

BBBH prepared a great supper for Monday night and topped it off with strawberry shortcake. Homemade shortcake, of course. MMMMmmm! (The evening meal is the main meal, but I still refer to it as "supper." You can take the boy out of the hills....
If you invite me to an evening meal at your house and you want me to call it "dinner" I can do that.)


Secondary Roads said...

It's breakfast, lunch and supper here. Dinner is confusing. Does it come at midday or evening? Is it plain or fancy?

That was a fine dessert.

Vee said...

The shortcake looks yummy! JoAnn is a great cook.