Tuesday, June 9, 2009

American Hostages

Free Laura Ling and Euna Lee; bring them home.

I wrote a post in support of the concept of using whatever appropriate means necessary to secure the release of American citizens Laura Ling and Euna Lee. First, I must say the article as I wrote it was cynical and nasty,and bellicose.
Since then I have heard numerous reports and opinion pieces about the situation, including some which actually proposed the same possible solutions I had put forward. I will say that thirty-one years ago Ross Perot sent a rescue team consisting of his own EDS employees led by Bull Simon to retrieve two of his employees held by Iran, and successfully. Perhaps Al Gore could exert his extreme power and influence to obtain the release of his two employees held in a hostile country. An inconvenient truth may be: perhaps not.
These women, according to one report I read, were convicted of "disrespect" for the North Korean government. How indeed could anyone respect anyone who did not disrespect the NK government?
There. I've toned down the invective.


Anonymous said...

Because of his fear of global warming, I don't think Al Gore will turn up the heat on N K to release these two. Perhaps with the millions he has made with the crap he peddles, he can buy their freedom without the U.S. having to submit to the blackmail we have paid to appease them.

Bob G

vanilla said...

I suspect you're right; but "turning up the heat" might lend support to the cockamamie theories he espouses?