Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day + 65 Years

June 6, 1944, forever immortalized as "D-Day." May we never forget the cause or the sacrifice.

The ranks of those among us who were in that historic event are thinning daily. Nevertheless the world shall always owe a debt of gratitude to them and to all who served in that war.
Twenty five years ago on June third, I flew to Europe from JFK and had the good fortune to be on a plane loaded with vets and their spouses who were making the trip back to the scene of their heroic efforts for a Fortieth Anniversary celebration. It was a privilege to be in their company, though some might say for a bunch of old guys and gals they were pretty rowdy! It was a celebration. A celebration of victory, of survival, and of life itself.


Lin said...

Wow, Vanilla--What a trip that must have been. That was a day I cannot fathom. When I watch movies that reenact that battle, I cannot even imagine how they kept moving forward, watching their comrades being mowed down. We owe so much gratitude to you and the other vets who sacrificed so much for us. Thank you!!

Now, I'm going to search the TV guide for war movies on the tube tonight!! Whooohoo! I LOVE war movies.

Lin said...

Oh, thanks for the idea for the post today!

vanilla said...

Lin, I was actually a bit young to have served in WWII, but I had many acquaintances and cousins who did. I have the greatest respect for all our nation's troops who served or now serve our country. I try to make it a point to thank a vet whenever I meet one.

(We who were kids in the home corps were taught to identify "enemey aircraft" and to keep our eyes peeled for same. They never got to Colorado, thank God and our men and women who kept them overseas.)

vanilla said...