Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beanie Babies and Collecting

Did you get caught up in the "Beanie Baby" craze once upon a time? I did. A grown man? Yeah, I'm a dork. However, I backed into it or I was backed into it. My spouse at that time, who was incidentally also a grandmother, thought "How cute! The grandchildren will love them." And the purchasing began. The grandkids did, indeed, acquire a bunch of them on special occasions such as Christmases, birthdays and here-we-thought-you-might-like-this-one days.
But for some reason, the acquisition soon outran the distribution and our household had another collection, this time the froofy, cuddly little animals but yet with their versey little tags intact. Then as the collector fad burned hotter and hotter, catalogs were published citing current values of the little vermin. I have a "Baby" to this day that was once "listed" at $120. Oh, had I had foresight. But even then, one had to find someone willing to pay the price. But we weren't in business; though I did visit a couple of stores where the asking price was indeed the "boob" --oops, typo--I mean "book" price.
A decade ago, Grandma passed away, and the BB fad died as well. One can scarce give them away now, and hence I still have a basketful of them in one of the unused bedrooms upstairs. BBBH, who in her turn has backed me into some other "hobbies" has little interest in these anachronistic toys. Here look at this.

[and Happy Birthday to son Delbert]

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