Friday, June 5, 2009

Teed Off Yet?

I don't recognize the world I'm living in any more. Probably makes me one of the "useless eaters" the intelligentia would like to dispose of.
Got up yesterday morning to watch the leader deliver his speech in Cairo.
Later at the post office I discovered that a standard 6 x 9 envelope is "oversize" mail and requires premium postage. I would have been less annoyed had the "line" on the scale by which the clerk makes that determination not been set at 5-7/8". (Is this like the 16 oz. can becoming a 13 oz. can, then an 11.5 oz. can, and so on?)
I am way past being able to discuss the theft the gummint and the bankruptcy courts are perpetrating on the people and the nation's retirees. If you don't get this, find out why the Chrysler deal will not go through this morning, at least until after the Appellate Court has heard the State of Indiana. I could go on but enough for now.
I'll just ask the question, "Are you teed off yet? If not, you may be an inert blob of protoplasm; or possibly Pollyanna's more chipper cousin.
"This 'attack on the most fundamental of creditor rights,' Indiana argues, 'has been funded and controlled by the Treasury Department, even though the executive branch is prohibited from spending funds and taking over corporations without congressional approval.' Further, Indiana contends that the Obama administration did not have the authority to spend Troubled Assets Relief Program funds intended for financial institutions to rescue automakers.

"In a 70-page brief that at times takes a spunky tone, Chrysler criticizes the Indiana funds for their 'cockeyed way of looking at the Fiat sale. The transaction is a sale of assets for a price that far exceeds liquidation value, to a purchaser who wants to use the assets in a productive enterprise,' Chrysler said."
--Washington Post, June 5, 2009


Secondary Roads said...

Yes, I am.

Lin said...

It's not just the retirees who are getting it up the butt. I am being taxed to death here in Chicago and Cook County while they spend and spend and spend.

vanilla said...

Chuck, and just when we should be enjoying the fruit of our labors.

Lin: Indeed, and yet "they" continue to run the presses night and day to devalue what little we might have left.

Oh, I'm going to go work in the flower garden. We have that left!

Vee said...

Count me in!