Thursday, June 25, 2009

Visitors on Two Wheels

We arrived home from a quick trip to the grocery this evening to find three young men in the street in front of our place, each on a bicycle with trailer in tow. Immediately guessed that they were on a cross-country tour. Visiting with them soon led to an invitation from BBBH for them to make our abode their stop-over. She then proceeded to fix up a great good ol' country cookin' dinner while they showered and relaxed.

Dietrich, Seth and Bobby started their tour in San Diego on May 21 and here they are in Tipton on June 25. I understand that they were four when they started, but Dan chose to drop out in Colorado. These three stalwarts will push on to dip the bike wheels in the Atlantic!

All three lads are college students, but they all attend different schools. However they are all graduates of the same Pennsylvania high school. You can follow their adventures on their blog:
Safe travels. Vaya con Dios.

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