Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here I Go Again

Saw an interview on some talkfest Friday in which a guest was a former White House staffer in a democrat admin. He made an interesting point, and clarified once and for all the unnecessity of an "oppostion" party. He said (I am paraphrasing):
You conservatives should open your eyes and see the direction in which we are going; because we are going there. You might as well quit trying to throw up roadblocks and get on the bus.
Seldom have I seen such total arrogance in an argument. This may, or may not, characterize the dismissive attitude of liberals today toward anyone who disagrees with them. I think so.
Logic, reason, discussion, cooperation, and civil discourse have had their day. We are in charge now. Get used to it.

I just realized this is my 200th posting to this blog. I did a "celebratory" item on the 100th; so I shouldn't let this milestone pass without at least remarking on it!


Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

I think mass media hasn't helped this phenomenon; "back in the day," Douglas and Lincoln actually held debates that showcased logic and rhetoric. Now, communication is down to sound-bites, photogenic candidates, and marketing. Ever since Kennedy and Nixon on TV, things have changed. For the worse.

Secondary Roads said...

Congrats on post #200.
Amen to Elizabeth.
The agenda may be more Progressive than anything else. It seems to me that the matters are more complicated than liberal v conservative. Perhaps it always was.

vanilla said...

Elizabeth, a correct analysis. And will there ever be a reversal toward the "better?"
Chuck: Matters are indeed much more complicated. Thus, all the more we need logic, reason, discussion, cooperation, and civil discourse. If only.