Monday, June 29, 2009

Hope That is Real

Just a few snippets from Pastor Doug's sermon yesterday.
Read Psalm 42.
"Your feelings don't have to be your reality." The psalmist chooses to live differently from his feelings.
"The world is filled with hopelessness and hopeless people."
We have lost hope when we've lost God's word; when we've lost faith in God.
"A lost hope is a lost memory." If you have lost hope, you have lost your memory of who God is.

In Isaiah 7:9, God says, "Unless your faith is firm I cannot make you firm." God cannot bless us if our faith is not firm.

The psalmist says I will remember God when I am on top of the world, or when I am in the depths. (42:6,7)
Those who are saved are those who endure.
Jesus is your hope.


Silver said...

I believe a good measure of sheer determination has to go into it although it is grace that finally sustains.


vanilla said...

Yes, Silver, I believe that is true.