Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What say you?

The barn is in need of serious attention, cleaning and organizing-wise.

BBBH started the task.

Here was a find.  Four framed photographs purporting to have been taken in Monticello, Indiana during the shooting of a movie.

The questions are
When did this event occur?
What was the movie?
Who created, produced, performed?
Do you think the flora evoke a tropical setting or does it look more like the Midwest?
I am serious about a couple of the questions.  I would really like to know if and when a movie was made in Monticello.


Grace said...

Okay - a little research gives me this: Movies Made in Indiana. From that list I chose this one as a likely contender.

A reverse image search only turns up this blog post for the images.

Hope this helps...


Grace said...

Oh I forgot to add - the movie was supposedly shot in Indianapolis but some scenes could have been shot in Monticello, which is only 86 miles away from Indianapolis.

KC Bob said...

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" was filmed in Indiana. ツ

vanilla said...

Grace, ha! sent you on a research project. And I thank you for the effort. I had found the list of movies made in Indiana, but I failed to select a likely candidate. Perhaps one of the guys in fedora is William Holden, I can't say.

KC Bob, yes, I was aware of that one, but I am fairly certain this one isn[t it. :-)

Vee said...

Interesting. Now I also need to research.

vanilla said...

Vee, let me know what you learn

Lin said...

Oooh, I am excited to see if you figure it out! VERY cool photos!

vanilla said...

Lin, something to do, even if the odds are not in our favor!

Vee said...

Info I received today from the White County Historical Society in Monticello, IN:

"I am not aware of any movie that was made here. Could these pictures be of
a tornado that destroyed the center of the town in 1974. We were declared a
disaster area and the National Guard came and took over the city for several

I wonder if someone mislabeled the pictures. The mystery continues.

vanilla said...

Vee, I appreciate your persistence in pursuit of information. I have about exhausted the methods I have at my disposal, and I have indeed concluded that the conveyor of information delivered incorrect locale. Pretty sure these photos have nothing to do with the Monticello tornado. I saw the results of that.

Vee said...

In so many words I told the gal that we would know tornado pictures from pictures of movie sets. Maybe she thought we mistook tornado pictures for a horror movie. : )

Why don't you post the pictures on Facebook with a challenge to identify what movie they are from and who is the starring? You never know you might come up with something.

Michael studied hundreds of old movies during his film and media studies. I sent the pictures to him and he did not recognize anything. He thought maybe they were from an obscure movie or one that did not make the theaters. Lots of those out there!

Sharkbytes said...

Very interesting. Certainly something was being filmed. Maybe a university film class project?

vanilla said...

Shark, that is a possibility. Whatever it was, it was probably small potatoes, for pinning it down is virtually impossible.