Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Donald G. Prout

Donald Prout passed from this life June 23, 2015.  Don is brother to my late wife, Ellie but more, Don was my friend.

Don did not enjoy traveling.  His home was the one place he most wanted to be, and his home was the house his parents built and in which Donald grew up.  He and his wife Jane bought the house from his parents when they retired and moved to other quarters.  Yet in spite of his love for his own environs, Don and Jane would travel to Indiana from time to time to visit us at the lake or in Tipton.

Don loved to fish and I spent many pleasant hours alongside him and his sister in that endeavor.  But more than fishing, Don loved to be engaged in productive labor.  Mr. Prout was a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  It was always in our best interest, and in his, to have a "project" awaiting him when he visited.  He wired our garden sheds on both properties and hooked us up for 220 at the lake house.  Yet his skills were not limited to his profession, for he was an accomplished handyman and numerous items in need of attention fell under the ministrations of his talented hands.

Don was partial to pocket tees and as they were not always easy for him to find, these items were always welcomed gifts.

Don and Jane lovingly raised two children Bill and Karen, and in later life became doting grandparents to the next generation of Prout offspring.

In our bedroom, we have a beautiful and quite complicated desk that Don built as his senior shop project when he was in high school.  As much as we cherish this piece of furniture, it is the love and friendship of this good man that we cherish most.  He will be missed.

Donald Goodwin Prout  March 4, 1936 - June 23, 2015,  RIP


Jim Grey said...

I'm so sorry for you loss, David.

Vee said...

My condolences. Friend, brother, helper, fishing buddy. How blessed you were to have this man in your life.

Grace said...

My sincere condolences - a big part of your life will now live on in warm memories.

Secondary Roads said...

It is sad to lose a good friend like Don.

vanilla said...

Jim, I thank you.

Vee, Don was all that; a true gentleman.

Grace, thank you. Special memories I will cherish.

Chuck, it is. And reminders of our own mortality come more and more frequently these days.

Ilene said...

Though loved ones leave this earth, they live in our hearts for a lifetime. In this way, the memory of Don and your friendship lives on. I am so sorry for your loss.

vanilla said...

Ilene, a good man too soon gone from us.