Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Wind

I am told that the storm hit at 2:15 Sunday morning.  Never woke me.  Fierce winds for a short period of time wreaked havoc in our community.  Pictures of our yard show that we were among the fortunate ones.  Lots of limbs down, littered area, but no damage to any structures.  Many people could not say that.  Our power was out only five hours.  For some, it was more like a day.

Good neighbors pitched in, had our yard cleaned up by shortly after noon.  We are blessed.


Secondary Roads said...

Yesterday's EF-1 tornado touched down just a few miles east of here.

Grace said...

Wow - that's a lot fallen branches. Good neighbors can be hard to come by, you are lucky.

vanilla said...

Chuck, the old NWT still offers some excitement from time to time.

Grace, we are fortunate indeed.

Lin said...

WOW. That is scary. I don't like the wind--it can do so much damage so quickly.

Have you heard the weathermen using the term "derecho?" They are tossing that old term around a ton the last few days. I guess it is an old weather term for a big wind storm.

I am glad you are safe.