Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Trivia

Answers to Tuesday's trivia.

1 Made by elves.   Keebler
2 Nobody doesn't like +--+ Sara Lee
3 Bet you can't eat just one. Lay's Potato Chips
4 Everything is better when it sits on a +--+. Ritz
5 There's a +--+ in your future.  Ford
6 Ask the man who owns one.  Packard
7 It will drive you absolutely mod.  Camaro
8 See the USA in your +--+  Chevrolet
9 Better buy a +--+  Buick
10 LSMFT,   Lucky Strike
11 +--+ green has gone to war.  Lucky Strike
12 +--+ wants you!  Uncle Sam
13 Five eight eight two three hundred   Empire Floors
14 Is it live or is it +--+?  Memorex
15 Don't just tape it, +--+ it.  TDK
16. A little dab'll do ya.  Brylcreem

And a few more, just to keep it going.

17. +--+'ll do it fer yew!
18. I want my +--+
19. Good to the last drop.  (A gimme)
20. Where's the beef?
21. Breakfast of Champions
22. Just do it.
23  Have it your way.
24. More Eloquent than words.
25. There's a little Eve in every woman.
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17. Mountain Dew
18. MTV
19. Maxwell House
20. Wendy's
21. Wheaties
22. Nike
23. Burger King
24. Cadillac
25. Eve cigarettes


Grace said...

I got a few of the new ones - some sounded familiar but I couldn't for the life of me think of what product they were associated with - #19 not a gimme for me! Of course if you did a current list of these things I wouldn't be able to identify them either!

vanilla said...

Grace, that has been the hallmark of Maxwell House since, I think, 1913. But it is not essential that one has her/his head filled with trivia. In fact, perhaps better of not.

Grace said...

My head IS filled with trivia just not the commercial kind it seems. When I am doing crossword puzzles and the clue references anything Disney I am at a loss. Or anything Simpsons, or animated or having to do with popular music or the popular social scene at all - I'm lost.

vanilla said...

Grace, I encounter the same problem with the crossword and with Jeopardy. I might know a few Disney clues, but the others not so much.

Lin said...

I only knew a few of these. have Empire down there? I thought that was just a Chicago thing.

vanilla said...

Lin, Empire Today is HQ'd in Illinois, but it operates in 36 states. Surprise!