Monday, June 22, 2015

Koala Nation

I do hope Sharkey will forgive me for borrowing her picture, but this must be shared.  Sharkebytes was hiking in Ohio recently when she spotted this koala in a nearby tree.  Amazing as this is, my amusement was heightened by the memory of my own spotting of a koala in a palm tree in Rockport, Texas.

burl like koala
Photo by Joan H. Young, 2015
Posted on My Quality Day

Photo by vanilla, March 16, 2013


Vee said...

Awww. He looks huggable.

Secondary Roads said...

Ain't that sweet?

Lin said...

Sharkey's koala is chubby! Looks more like a sloth to me.

I'm gonna keep my eyes open for koala's here. You never know what you are gonna find in Weirdville, you know.

vanilla said...

Vee, okay, then.

Chuck, they're everywhere, they're everywhere.

Lin, I rather thought sloth, too, but Shark is the wildlife guru, so I bow to her judgment.