Saturday, June 13, 2015

Red Letter Day

I was riffling through the pages of my pocket day minder from twenty-five years ago.  On Wednesday, June 13, 1990 I had written "Red letter day.  Officially retired?"

I cannot tell you what the interrogation point at the end of the entry meant at the time, but I am guessing that it was put there in the belief that I would certainly be called by some mucky-muck in the system for something job-related.

At any rate, it was the first day I walked out of the building as a non-employee of the school district, for I was there at the planning stage of the building, saw it through its construction, and opened it for business in August 1972.

I have looked back, of course I have, for I held the best job in the world for those eighteen years, but I have never looked back with regret.  Taking on the job was the best thing I ever did; laying it down was the best thing I ever did.  Sort that out.

I am blessed far beyond my just desserts.

Looking back.  Just there, across the street.  I used to work there.


Jim Grey said...

I am becoming a grizzled old-timer in my industry (software development). I am astonished to think that I *began* less than one year before you retired!

I began kindergarten in the fall of 1972.

As I'm looking for a new job and worrying about appearing too old, thanks for making me feel very young.

vanilla said...

Jim, I am confident that your job situation is going to culminate in your best interests and to God's glory. Keep the faith.

Yes, you are an "old-timer" in the industry, but in the overall scheme of things you are still a youngster!

Secondary Roads said...

Taking it up was the best thing and laying down was the best thing. That's a word picture of a life well lived.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I thank you.

Grace said...

"Taking on the job was the best thing I ever did; laying it down was the best thing I ever did." - That just sticks in one's mind - it does paint a picture in one sentence.

vanilla said...

Grace, in many of life's endeavors, timing is critical. The clock was smiling as I made many of my career decisions.

Lin said...

It takes a wise one to know when to make the right moves, and it sounds like you did.

Congratulations on a grand career and career moves!

vanilla said...

Lin, thank you. As I said, I have been blessed.