Friday, September 17, 2010

Senior Fall Fest

at Salamonie Reservoir took place this week. We had a great time. We arrived home Thursday afternoon, tired but happy!

The Feet were kept occupied. If not moving around the area, they were parked while the derriere was on a bench someplace.

Some cooking action. The camp Dutch ovens were pressed into service. Yum.

Some blacksmithing, just for the nostalgia.

A little alpaca action.

Some jammin' by firelight!

Great week.


Secondary Roads said...

Let me guess . . . In the first picture you looked down and saw that you put your shoes on backwards? Or am I wrong?


vanilla said...

Chuck--Not the case. Just a bit of +camber and a serious toe-out.

Nay, nay. The day comes Ima walkin' 'round with shoes on wrong feet-- I'm not tellin'.