Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ken

Today is Kenneth's birthday. Ken, Kenny, Kenneth, KD, is my youngest child. He had the misfortune of having three older siblings. He had the good fortune of having three older siblings.

Dawn and Ken

Ken is father to two adult children, and grandfather to their five kids. He and Dawn have four children at home, the eldest being thirteen.


We love you.
Loonville continues tomorrow.


Lin said...

Wow, that one grandkid looks a LOT older than that! I mean, look at the beard on him! ;)

Happy Birthday to Ken! (It took 4 kids to get it right!)

Vee said...

Hope Ken has a great BD. I wished him so on Facebook.

Secondary Roads said...

Happy B'Day KD!

vanilla said...

Lin-- Yeah, and who knows how it got there, or how long it will last? [I think the other kids are fine, too. ;)]

Vee-- I haven't been in touch since the b.d., but hope he's okay.

Chuck-- I'm sure he appreciates the good wishes.