Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LV 17 = I'm Still Hungry,

or what to do now that Mrs. Laine has turned you away?

Besides Laine's, there are two other places in Loonville to obtain a bite to eat. One is Rosie's Coffee Shop across from the post office. But Rosie is open for breakfast and lunch only, five to one-thirty, Monday through Friday. Rosie takes off two days a week because, "Why should I work six or seven days when you galoots only work five?"
So Rosie's is not an option on this dismal Saturday evening.

The other establishment that serves food is located at the intersection of the state highway and County Line Road, the other side of the street and you'd be out of town. This is Jerry's Soft-Surv. It is an ice cream/hamburger shop. There are no tables inside, but there are half dozen of them around the exterior of the building. There are parking spaces for twenty cars, and the space is needed after school and on weekends. There are no carhops. You get out and go to the window to place and pick up your order.

Mrs. Laine has rejected you at her establishment, but she will be happy enough to count the coin you drop here at Jerry's, for she owns this store, too. It is managed by her son, Jerry, and he is good at what he does. Which, quite simply, is making the best hamburgers you will ever sink you teeth into. Plus, you can have it with a shake, a malt, a sundae, or a plain ice cream cone. You may have water, ice tea or coffee, but no "soft drinks" for this is not a "soda shoppe". Neither is Laine's, and if you want "pop" in this town, there is a machine at the gas station; or you can buy a six-pack at the general store.

Jerry is a hale-fellow-well met, not a physically impressive speciman of the human race, but his glowing smile and raucus banter more than makes up for any lack he may have in the beef-cake realm. Besides, he's flippin' burgers, not pumping iron.

After just one of his "100% beef" burgers (no indication as to where on the cow the cuts came from, nor what percentage of fat is contained therein) with golden french fries, or better yet, in my opinion, with the nonpareil deep-fried onion rings, polished off with a vanilla double malted, you will have forgotten all about the slight you suffered at Laine's.

Have a safe drive home!

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Secondary Roads said...

Well friend, this begs the question. What did you do or say that made Mrs Laine turn on you that way? I can't believe that you did anything wrong.

vanilla said...

Notice, Chuck, that I said she has rejected "you," not me. Yet yours is a good question. We don't know the reason for the snub. That is one of Mrs. Laine's charms-- she is enigmatic.

Sharkbytes said...

Well, I'm not a big fan of burgers and shakes, but you certainly captured the ambiance.

vanilla said...

Shark-- Thanks. I think such "hamburger joints" must have been everywhere back in the day.