Thursday, September 9, 2010

fall 1

Notwithstanding that it is yet several days before the autumnal equinox, the weather and the condition of the yard tell me that it is fall. I went out to do a few chores, such as cutting back the foliage of the lilies and hostas, camera on belt loop, of course.
The first picture shows the present "look" of the hidden garden at the back of the property. If you see any flowers (there are some!) you have a good eye.
The second picture gives you a pretty good idea of what the lawn looks like. Yes, that is the lawn, not a gravel driveway.

Several cute little butterflies looking for a treat. I tried numerous shots, attempting to catch one with its wings open. This is as good as it got.

Above is a picture of a pile of "hay" that I created by swinging my little sickle through the day lilies, all of which had to go, except for stella d'oro which is still faithfully, if feebly, offering blooms on a daily basis. She was the first of the lilies to bloom, and yet the last to give it up.
Oh, Lily, little Golden Star
May I live my life as you are.
You blossom where you're planted
And yet you are quite unda'nted
Through wet of flood
And you've now withstood
The long heat and dry of drought.
Your gaudier sisters have had their day.
They no longer bloom, their foliage hay.
And yet you soldier on.
May I keep at it 'til I'm gone.
May of me, as of you, it be stated
He started early and finished late and
Through it all, he kept the faith.

Consider the lilies of the field-- Jesus

© 2010 David W. Lacy


Secondary Roads said...

Most of the grass here has remained green all summer--we've had a lot of rain. Soon the mower will be replaced by the snow plow. To everything there is a season.

Vee said...

Love the lily poem! Is it yours? I had to fight on the landscape committee to get that flower at our gate this summer, most committe members were sure it would only bloom once. But it is the flower that is still beautiful.

vanilla said...

Chuck-- So am I thinking, "Back to Texas, or buy a new snow thrower and tough it out"? *grinning*

Vee-- Thank you. The first verse started shaping up and rattling around in my cranium whilst I was whacking foliage. Polished and added second verse as I wrote the post.